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Coote Grinder Best

Arizona Guns - Buy/Sell/Trade. Forum; Arizona Guns - Buy/Sell/Trade; Outdoors / Hunting / Prepping; coote knife grinder / belt grinder...Heavy Duty, Precision Machined 2 x 72 & 2 x 48 Belt Grinders. Perfect for knife making and other industrial work. High quality made in the USA since 1967.

A hinged plate is really the best way to mount a motor for swappability, even my 3 speed KMG uses a hinged plate motor mount. Honestly I would go with the 8" contact wheel on a coote. I had the 10" wheel on mine, but the coote is direct drive off of the large wheel, so the larger the wheel, the faster the belt will be moving...Grizzly - $495 + shipping. Coote 2x6x72 - $447 + shipping. Polar Bear Forge Flat SLING grinder kit - $115 + shipping + hardware + wheels. Now I currently have a 1hp Craftsman motor so the motor isn't an issue for the Coote or Sling grinder. However the sling grinder doesn't have a work rest, easy enough fix for the price; but is it rigid enough ...

The GIB is lazer cut from 1/2" plate. I think that you would be better off getting a GIB unless you have a good method of cutting the parts from 1/2" plate. Most who are making knives really appreciate the veriable speed obtained by using a VFD and the multi wheel type grinder as oppossed to a Grizzly, Coote, Kalamazo or other 2 wheel grinder...Jul 7, 2020. #1. I have a 2x72 Coote grinder with 10" wheel for sale for $500. It has a glass platen and a 1.5 hp 120v wired motor. I have step pulleys on the motor and on the grinder wheel do there is a large amount of speed variability for a motor without a VFD. Please note the damage to one of the step pulleys.

Joined. Nov 30, 2005. Messages. 1,023. Apr 19, 2006. #3. I have been using a Coote for 13 years or so and I mean use, every fab or grinding job that comes along. I have ground out around 800 blades (profile and hollow grind) and it still is in great shape. it is the only grinder I have and don't anticipate needing to replace for a ...2x72" belt grinder for making custom knives, woodworking, or metal fabrication. Precision grinder for sanding application that uses a 2x72 belt. Can be used for knife making, fabrication, woodworking, metalworking, tool sharpening, …

110 volt 220 volt. Add to cart. ph 454 x flat 2 hp (USA Only ) 2 x 72 belt grinder with flat platen & tool rest 2 hp motor & kbac 27 d variable speed drive 220 volt only. $1,685.00. Qty. voltage. 220 v 115 v. Add to cart. PH 454 x 8" wheel & …...Coote Grinder w/SWA. Email: [email protected] I recently upgraded to a KMG so I am looking to move the Coote off the bench to make a little more room. The Coote is used but as you know it will out live us all. It is the 2x72" with 8" contact wheel. I will include the small wheel attach with 3 wheels-1", 2" and 5/8" I believe.

Wilmont Grinders belt grinders for Craftsman and Artists. I just finished my second run of Quattro grinders, click the Quattro tab above to find more details about this grinder...Belt grinder prices do not include motor. No pulley included. Smooth contact wheel only available. Pulley selection now available. The machine's design and construction lends itself to modification to suit specialty needs. Each machine size is suited for that contact wheel diameter only and is not readily adaptable to other sizes.

Free coote grinder graphics for creativity and artistic fun. Use coote grinder graphics, cliparts, stamps, and stickers with our free photo editor to create unique coote grinder images, original icons and custom coote grinder pictures and display your artistic talents...The Coote is a good workable grinder for a moderate price. The KMG is a top of the line grinder for a little more. You will grinder better and make better knives faster if you get the KMG. If you're not planning on making many knives then I'd go based on price, but if you plan on doing much grinding the small difference in cost is worth it.

Anybody grinding with a Coote? If so, Id really like to see your setup. This is my first grinder. I spent a long time trying to decide between the Coote and a higher priced grinder, but after much consideration on needs and cost, and Mr. Cootes helpfulness and excellent communication, I decided t...I'm sick of trying to grind blades with an angle grinder. It takes forever to clean it up with files. I can get away with it on regular smithing projects, but it sure would be handy!

Coote 2 x 72 inch belt grinder for sale. £600 - Collection only but I am willing to discuss meeting you part way depending on where you are. Just noticed, I didn't fit the screws that hold the knife rest for the contact wheel in these pictures. I do have them! Features and included: 10 inch rubber contact wheel...It seems to me that the Coote grinder gives the best bang for the buck. ... I do know a maker who loves the Coote grinder. He has used it for over 15 years. For sure get the 72" size. The 48" belts will wear our sooner and selection of types and sizes is not near as available. By the way sand paper and belts are sold by the square inch so you ...

The Coote is probably the best bang for the buck out there. I'd love to get a KMG, and will eventualy, but that doesn't mean I'll retire the Coote, I'll probably leave it set up for slack grinding or some other special purpase. I've been using mine for 6 years now. I love it. No complaints. 1 HP motor which I can bog down if I try really hard...1) the grizzly is a direct drive and the coote is belt driven. This means that I was able to put step pulleys on the coote and have a 3 speed grinder instead of a single speed really fast grinder. It also means I got to pick the motor. My coote has a 1.5 HP TEFC high torque Dayton motor on it. Grizzlys don't.

1-1/2″ dia. 90 duro urethane = $17.00. 2″ dia. = $20.00. 2-1/2″ dia. = $24.00...I made a grinding bench with a water oak top and bolted the coote and motor to it. I use a big door hing and a piece of 1" thick oak to mount the motor to, the hing lets me keep contastant tension on the belt and makes it easy to up or lower speed on the step pullies. The Coote is probably the best bang for the buck out there.

The Coote may well be the best of the two wheel grinders, but its still a two wheel grinder. They wil magnify vibration, much like a fishing rod does because the top end is so far from the mount. As already mentioned, clearance is …...Aug 28, 2019. #2. Current new price is listed as $540.00, and being a Coote, which is a brand that tends to hold it's value fairly well. IF all is good as far as bearings good. straight shafts, etc. $400.00 or less would be a good deal. Now, that being said, think about the additional cost of a motor, belt, wiring, etc.

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